New poem, "Frack Off" recorded for Vivienne Westwood at Climate Revolution HQ on World Poetry Day 2014

Despite mounting opposition for its contributions towards climate change, over hyped economic benefits and links to water contamination in both the USA and in Australia - the present government, with David Cameron at it's head, has already started the process of selling off up to 60% of the UK mainland to the major oil and gas companies for the purposes of hydraulic fracturing. AKA Fracking. No public debate, no asking what we think before the beauty of our historic English countryside is potentially scarred forever - just kick-backs for local councils who decide to go along with the ride,

And a frack-friendly media, packing mouthfuls of lies served in a Bernays sauce. 

We need to demand a cleaner and greener future, based on the cutting of waste and the move to renewable energy sources - fracking is clearly not the way forward. The devastating effects of Hydraulic Fracturing in a number of countries has provided us with enough evidence to show fracking for it's true nature; 

Dirty, damaging, and downright dangerous.  

To find out more about the dangers of Fracking - or if you would like to become actively involved in the push back against it there are numerous sources (and resources) available online through Climate RevolutionFriends of the EarthThe EcologistFrack Off' and many other anti-fracking resistance groups and environmentally conscious publications around the globe. 

"Frack Off", which Vivienne kindly asked me to perform for Climate Revolution on World Poetry Day will be live Monday 24th March on

New poem for the "No Glory in War" campaign

Very pleased to announce that I have been commissioned by Jeremy Corbyn MP to compose a poem for the "No Glory in War" campaign - as this year marks the 100th anniversary of WW1. 

David Cameron wants a commemoration that captures our 'national spirit' like the Queen's Jubilee celebrations...

The campaign letter has already been signed by Jude Law, Billy Bragg, Alan Rickman, Vivienne Westwood, Brian Eno, Patrick Stewart, Carol Anne Duffy, Ken Loach, Tony Benn and many more. 

The Tories love their stories - but we're not going to let them re-write history - and ignore the devastating political, social and environmental effects of a world at war.

You can find out more about the No Glory campaign and sign the letter yourself by clicking HERE

"The Power of a Young Poet", article for the latest edition of Green Spirit magazine

Really pleased to post that I have written my first magazine article for Green Spirit. The team have kindly asked me to write a little about the major life events that have shaped my political and environmental ideals, poetry and activism. From the horrific attacks of September 2001 (Age 13) and the wars that followed, to growing up on the outskirts of beautiful Dartmoor.

An extract from my educational poem, "The Power of Young People" is also featured in the back of the latest issue which is entitled, "Youth, Tomorrow's leaders, today".

Green Spirit is available at various outlets throughout the UK including Watkins Bookshop in London. You can find out more about the latest edition of Green Spirit and how to get hold of a copy by clicking HERE.

"Green Spirit is an invaluable source of insight, information and inspiration" - Sir Jonathon Porrit.

Oxford Human Rights Festival 2014 - Anthony Anaxagorou, Azfa Awad and Martin Powell.

Join Anthony Anaxagorou, Azfa Awad and Martin Powell at Truck Store, 101 Cowley Road , Oxford, Wednesday 26th February 2014, 7pm. 

FREE event, tickets can be reserved through online here or at the venue. 

Two poems to be published in May by Editions Hatier, France

Really excited to post news that both “Global Warning”, and another of Martin's poems, “Affirmations”, are due to be published by Editions Hatier in the Spring. They will be featured in the "Green Art"  of section of a new English Learning textbook "Meeting Point 2" and will be available to over 40,000 students in France.

Featured alongside one of Bansky's environmental works, Martin's poems will be stimulus for an interactive learning project encouraging students to - among other things - improve their vocabulary, create varied works of environmental art including their own rhymes with "5 personal resolutions to save the world" in preparation for Earth Day 2014.

Resurgence & Ecologist - annual Festival of Wellbeing: The shift from economic growth to growth in wellbeing.

The Resurgence & Ecologist - Festival of Wellbeing explores 'wellbeing' from from environmental, personal, political and economic perspectives.

Speakers this year included: Alys Fowler, Tony Juniper, Satish Kumar, Ruth Padel, Vandana Shiva, Edward Skidelsky, Ben Okri and Rowan Williams.

 Martin was spontaneously invited onstage by Vandana Shiva, where here received a standing ovation for his first public performance of "Recipe for Disaster", a new poem on GMO food giant, Monsanto. 

Later that day, he traveled with Vandana to perform at the "Worldwide March Against Monsanto" outside the Houses of Parliament

"Martin's Monsanto poem holds devastating power. I heard the first public reading at the Festival of Wellbeing in London. It brought truth with clarity, not least with a kind of conviction and passion that is all too rare." 

- Tony Juniper 

Watch Martin performing Recipe for Disaster HERE.

The "Missing Peace" - Martin Powell t-shirts now being produced by THTC

Martin first created "The Missing Peace" t-shirts highlight the ongoing issue of racial segregation in occupied Palestine. 

A range of “Missing Peace” clothing inspired by Martin’s poem are currently produced by award-winning eco-clothing pioneers, THTC - and are sold throughout the UK and Europe. The jumpers aremade from recycled plastic bottles, the shirts are a blend of Hemp or Bamboo and 100% carbon neutral organic cotton. They are all made from energy produced by solar and wind power. 

The THTC range is worn by activists, musicians, poets and actors across the world including Placebo, Beardyman, Nathan "Flutebox" Lee, Foreign Beggars, Natty, Benjamin Zephaniah, Woody Harrelson and many many more. 

Leading the March from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy. Despite an apparent ceasefire and bad weather which lasted all day - over 10,000 people took to the streets to march peacefully in support of a #FreePalestine. You can watch Martin addressing the crowd HERE

"But for every small defeat, every bullet-ridden street. For every person they mistreat - harmed by the armed elite. For every town made obsolete by every single block of concrete, this is a project that will never be complete; because the missing piece, is peace..."- MP 

Watch Martin perform the poem at the Free Gaza protest the year before

World Record holding Beatboxer and World Looping champion Shlomo wears a Missing Peace tee during his latest performance for Kiss FM. 

New poem for the #WISH20 campaign


We’re living in hard times under the sun
The laws that protect us are coming undone
We’ve poisoned our land and we’ve blackened our soil
Paved the way for disaster with tarmac and oil

We can no longer live without thought to our fate
And it’s time to act now before it’s too late

So wish plenty for WISH20, make them with care
Wrap them in dreams, send them into the air
Because it’s clear in our atmosphere, it’s time to repair

George Orwell once said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

I say, in times of environmental defeat, a crime against peace is an evolutionary pact.


  Wish20 is a global citizens initiative which seeks to have Ecocide brought into law as a Crime Against Peace by 2020. This would sit alongside Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes & the Crime of Aggression.

By signing the Wish20 petition we can call on our world leaders to end the mass damage and destruction our planet faces every day, and together we can end this era of Ecocide.

Performance at Resurgence & The Ecologist - Festival of Wellbeing

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of Resurgence magazine and the recent merger between the two publications, now called Resurgence and Ecologist. 

Speakers included Jonathon Porritt, Fiona Reynolds, Lord Richard Layard, Caroline Lucas MP, Polly Higgins, Nic Marks, Matt Harvey and Martin Powell.

You can watch the whole event online via Policy Review TV HERE.

How to Teach...Students the Power of their Voice - Guardian Article Feat Martin Powell

Really lovely to be included in this wonderful article by Emily Drabble of The Guardian.
You can read the full article via the link below.

"Martin Powell's stirring poetry provides a real wake-up call for students, who are likely to respond to his accessible, in-your-face lyrics. Write for Human Rights gets straight to the point (see Martin performing the poem here) and the simplicity of Affirmations has the power to move mountains. His poetic quotes will add fuel to the fire of any student protest or demonstration. You can find all Martin Powell's poems on the Guardian Teacher Network here."

Emily Drabble, Contributing Editor, Guardian Teacher Network. Monday 25th June 2012 17:00 BST

Read the full article HERE.